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Learning how to practice endodontics is more than just shaping and filling canals--it's understanding the process and how to manage the entire patient experience. See how techniques are applied to real cases. 

Episode #1 (Free to watch) 

Length 60 Minutes

After a lesion was discovered during a routine dental examination, the patient was referred for endodontic treatment on her maxillary right central incisor. What is usually considered “routine” becomes complex when Dr. Nudera makes a discovery on the cone-beam scan that will impact the treatment plan.

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Case Episode #2 - 1.5 CE

A pulpal exposure a few months prior during an operative procedure and the recent onset of severe symptoms has led Dorothy to my practice to treat her maxillary first premolar.  Learn how to create a pre-endodontic build-up using the “canal projector” technique and understand the protocol used to navigate around a “hard file stop”.   

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Case Episode #3 - 1 CE

The recent onset of localized pain to biting prompted Rita’s referral for root canal treatment on the maxillary left second molar. Learn how Dr. Nudera formulated the diagnosis and calculated the prognosis for the case, and listen to how he communicates these findings to Rita. Then watch as Dr. Nudera takes a traditional approach to Rita’s root canal treatment.  

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Case Episode #4 - 1 CE

With a history of pain and swelling, what appears to be a result of childhood trauma turned into the discovery of a developmental anomaly on the CBCT scan. Dr. Nudera walks through the diagnostic and prognostic thought process, and how he communicates his findings to Pedro. He then begins root canal treatment on this maxillary lateral incisor. See how he breaks down treatment sequencing step-by-step and show you an unconventional method used to dry this weeping canal.

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Case Episode #5 - 1 CE

As a repeat patient, Oscar actively sought out our practice when he realized he may needed another root canal. Oscar has no history of pain, but is slightly sensitive to cold. He is about to get a second full coverage restoration on the same tooth and that preparation is already close to the pulp.  Watch how Dr. Nudera involves Oscar in the decision-making process and performs root canal treatment on this mandibular first molar.

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Case Episode #6 - 1 CE

This is Ryan’s second visit. He was originally seen as an unscheduled emergency case with pain and extraoral swelling. After pharmaceutically managing Ryan’s acute signs and symptoms, he has returned to make an attempt to retain his tooth. In this episode, watch as Dr. Nudera performs an I & D, pre-endodontic build-up, and full root canal treatment on this necrotic mandibular first molar.

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