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Happy New Year!

Congratulations to each of you for taking the necessary steps to improve your endodontic skills. Your dedication to enhancing your craft is truly commendable. Some of you have generously shared your beautiful cases with me, showcasing the protocols and techniques from my course that contributed to your success. It's incredible, and I encourage you to keep those cases coming. 

Now, let's talk about what's in store for 2024. We're only halfway through season one of the clinical episode series, and in the upcoming year, we'll release the second half of season one. Filming for season two will kick off in the spring. I'm also working on two new courses for 2024—one on endodontic emergencies and another dedicated to the intricacies of the MB2 canal. Of course, I'll continue with clinical case reviews, providing valuable insights and excellent learning opportunities.

As we dive into this new year, remember that your journey in endodontics is a continuous adventure. Your commitment, combined with the knowledge and skills you're acquiring, will make a significant impact on your practice and your patients. Gear up for an incredible 2024. Keep pushing your boundaries, keep learning, and never forget—you've got this.

Enhancing Endo Predictability and Efficiency

Discover a comprehensive range of strategies and techniques designed to enhance predictability in your treatment outcomes. Get real-world insights!  Dr. Nudera will guide you through a case from his own practice. Gain invaluable insights from beginning to end, providing you with practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your own work.  

NuEndo ReThinking Endodontics

A Systematic Approach to Diagnosis and Case Selection

For the general dentist and the experienced endodontist alike, NuEndo is both a guide and a reference tool for the complex processes of endodontic diagnosis, prognosis, and case selection. You will come to fully understand the dynamics of the pulpal-dentin complex, the underlying conditions related to pulpal and periapical disease, and the methods surrounding its assessment. NuEndo makes the complex straightforward by using easy-to-follow flow diagrams for every aspect of endodontic diagnosis.

Complimentary Case Episode: Watch Episode #1

Learning how to practice endodontics is more than just shaping and filling canals--it's understanding the process and how to manage the entire patient experience. See how techniques are applied to real cases. 

Tip & Technique Videos

Membership grants you access to an extensive library of tip and technique videos. Take a sneak peek at what awaits you with your membership:

Vertical Root Fracture: Dr. Nudera discusses a case previously treated that developed symptoms 7 years following root canal treatment. He will discuss observations, the treatment plan and treatment execution.


Retreatment: Dr. Nudera discusses the retreatment of a mandibular first premolar with an untreated, deep lingual canal and describes the technique required to manage a conservative treatment approach.

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